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Updated: Oct 8, 2022

When it’s time to sell your home, it’s important that it appears in tip-top shape for prospective buyers. When you stage the home, you arrange furniture and décor in an appealing way that represents what the new owner can possibly do in each room. It allows them to picture themselves living in the home rather than trying to imagine the scale of different kinds of furniture. Here are some tips ~

Don’t Neglect the Outside:

Make sure your home looks well-maintained on the exterior. Keeping up with curb appeal sets a great first impression when buyers get their initial glimpse of the house. Clip the lawn regularly, trim existing hedges, and weed any flowerbeds. Clean the windows and consider power-washing your siding and pavement. Clear the outside of your house from any debris or clutter.

Clear the Clutter:

The last thing house shoppers want to see is a house full of stuff. If you are still living in the home, this part of staging can be the most challenging. Still, you can use this as an opportunity to pack before your expected moving day. Store your things in an offsite location or in areas of the home intended for storage, like attics, basements, or closets.

Give it a Clean Sweep:

Nothing is worse than walking into a home for sale that is dirty. Potential buyers want to see the house looking its best, and don’t want to think about the work they may need to put into it before they can move in. While you might think this involves repair work only, it’s important that floors be cleanly swept and mopped, surfaces be free of crumbs and smudges, and any odors from cooking or pets be eradicated.

Furniture with Function:

Buyers want to see each room being utilized with its intended functions, so that they can envision themselves doing the same thing in the home. This means you should only have furniture that serves a purpose in each room, and you should be sure to keep the amount of furniture to a minimum. You should also look to stage the home with furniture that fits the scale of the room. For instance, you wouldn’t want to put a California King bed in a room that is only 80 square feet large.

Minimize Décor:

After you’ve painted the home neutral colors, you should only use décor that enhances each room. Select a single piece of art that is not too busy. Be sure to pick out something that is sized appropriately for the room. Wall hangings are more appealing than knickknacks, like candles or statues. You can utilize some healthy plants that are small, but limit these to just a few for the whole house. Try not to have more than three items on a countertop or bureau.


Take down personal photos, religious items, calendars & checklists. People often can't help themselves & peer at photos out of mere curiosity. It is important to keep their attention focused on the features of the home rather than your personal life. Sometimes walking into someone's house and seeing photos of their family creates feeling of discomfort & makes it difficult for potential buyers to feel at home in the house or to visualize themselves living there.

Hire a Professional:

If figuring out how to properly stage your home is challenging for you, consider hiring a professional staging company or working with your real estate agent. Either of these entities will have the knowledge of current staging trends to set your house sale up for success. Sometimes they can even lend or lease items to you that will perfectly make your home appeal to future buyers.

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Content by Nicole Tavares Team Ludlow Realtor

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