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Rave Reviews


Galen Wilson, Belchertown MA (Seller)

Mrs. Nicole Tavares is a professional. She understands that her job is important, not just to Keller Williams, but to her clients as well. A failure to not meet the needs of her costumers (clients), would be a failure � Nicole does not and will not fail. Obviously, selling our house was priority one. However, answering our questions; addressing our concerns; explaining terms was�is where Nicole shines. Nicole is great at her job - she is a professional!

And, she sold our house in 10 weeks.

Mrs. Nicole Tavares performed several �Open Houses�. She advertised our house on numerous sites and even on her own personal social media site. She kept us informed every step of the way. She did everything she could to sell our house, and it worked.

The survey tells the story. But, Nicole�s professionalism and �stick to it� attitude is what sold our house.

The above survey questions only partially define Mrs. Nicole Tavares. I would like to add to the survey.

Integrity - Outstanding

Loyalty - Outstanding

Commitment - Outstanding

Decisiveness - Outstanding

THIS, better defines Mrs. Tavares.

Great Company with Superior agents - Mrs. Nicole Tavares

We are happy! Thank you, Mrs. Nicole Tavares.

Content by Nicole Tavares Team Ludlow Realtor

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